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executive wine seminar

As a unique perk for your busy executives or sales staff, The Executive Wine Seminar is a highly valuable – and eminently usable – experience that can become a critical component in their client, customer relations. In entertainment and hospitality situations, a working knowledge of wines is invaluable. The seminar also promotes a lively discourse among your executives thus providing a natural boost to morale.

For a free consultation to set up an wine tasting seminar or if you have any questions, call Jordan at 203-644-8299 or [send an email].

A sampling of seminar topics:

Become a savvy buyer.

Discover a $15 Cava from Spain that you may enjoy as much as a $40 Champagne.

Take the “jellybean” test.

The science behind smell and taste and how they work together to enhance the enjoyment of wine.

Are you a supertaster...?

...and is that a good thing?

When to decant.

Removing sediment and the importance of aeration to select red wines.

Are you serving your white wines too cold ?

The importance of serving temperature.

“…cherry, berry, layers of vanilla…” we’ve all heard the wine jargon.

The inherent difficulties in describing what we are tasting.