wine vat

wine-trade or restaurant-retail seminar

This expert-level seminar is custom-designed for those industry professionals who make it their “business” to taste, evaluate and discuss wine at high levels of sophistication. The course has been presented with excellent results at iconic wine interests and restaurants such as : Sherry Lehman, Tribeca Grill, Solera Restaurant, Solaia, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Italian Wine Merchants, Winebow, Napa & Co.

During the seminar, attendants will partake in a tasting demonstrations that scientifically examines the senses of taste, smell and touch and the degree to which they individually affect the perception of any given wine’s flavor. Further study involves the tongue map, tongue anatomy and retro-nasal olfaction. Finally, critical to the wine experience is the brain/body experience;  the impact context, memory and expectations have on our individual response to a wine.

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The professional-level seminar is segmented into three distinct areas:

1. Physiology

The science behind how we taste.

2. Psychology

What we think of a wine depends on more than just what’s in the glass.

3. Language

The nuances, subtleties and difficulties of describing wines effectively.

A sampling of seminar topics:

Take the “jellybean” test.

The science behind smell and taste and how they work together to enhance the enjoyment of wine.

Are you a supertaster?

An exploration of tongue anatomy.

Your customers are forming an opinion even before the cork is pulled.

The importance of non-sensory cues.