private wine tastings

An excellent choice for those who wish to begin the fascinating lifelong study of wine and winemaking under the tutelage of a talented, passionate and expert enophile. And, for those who have already started their quest but wish to enhance their knowledge base as well as sample wines from international sources they have not yet encountered, the wine seminar is a superb solution.

Jordan will suggest wines according to the season or your personal preference. This latitude creates an opportunity to sample and enjoy wines of distinction that are not necessarily in the mainstream such as vintages from Portugal, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Spain. Wines, glasses and tasting notes are provided. [View some wine themes from past events.]

For a free consultation to set up an wine tasting seminar or if you have any questions, call Jordan at 203-644-8299 or [send an email].

A sampling of seminar topics:

Become a savvy buyer.

Discover a $15 Cava from Spain that you may enjoy as much as a $40 Champagne.

Take the “jellybean” test.

The science behind smell and taste and how they work together to enhance the enjoyment of wine.

Are you a supertaster...?

...and is that a good thing?

When to decant.

Removing sediment and the importance of aeration to select red wines.

Are you serving your white wines too cold ?

The importance of serving temperature.

“…cherry, berry, layers of vanilla…” we’ve all heard the wine jargon.

The inherent difficulties in describing what we are tasting.